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Articles appearing in books

  • “Parental Empowerment” (2003) in Lazovsky, R. and Z. Bar-El (eds.) Journey of Hope: Guidance Counseling and the Schools in an Age of Uncertainty (pp. 347-375). Guidance Counseling Program, Beit Beryl College: Reches Publishing.
  • “Being an Effective Teacher” Part One, Part Two, (2005) in E. Paldi (ed.) Education Under the Test of Time. Tel Aviv: Israel Teachers’ Federation.
  • “Parents dealing with the difficulties of re-relocation for both children and the whole family”, from “Things seen from here, aren’t seen from there” – The relocation journey – work placement in a foreign culture, by Dr, Hanna Aorenoi, Rimonin Press, 2009, pages 315-328.

Articles in professional journals

  • “Re-relocation”, Human Resources June 2008, pp. 30-37.
  • Children’s and Teens’ Exposure to Violent TV and Computer Game Content: A Look at Phenomena and a Proposal for a Therapeutic Intervention and Guidance Counseling Model. Journal of the Israel Guidance Counselors’ Association vol. 14, Aug. 2007, pp. 196-209.
  • “Drill Sergeant, or Doormat?” Education Echo October 2007, pp. 56-59.
  • “Parents as Family Leaders in Wartime” Family Matters, Journal of the Family Therapy Association Sep. 2006.
  • “Tentative Intervention” Education Echo June 2005 pp. 40-43.
  • “Firm Yet Sympathetic” Education Echo July-August 2004.
  • “How a Good Example Saves on Sermonizing”Education Echo March-April 2004 pp. 26-27.
  • “Authoritative Parent < > Teacher Cooperation: Why It’s Essential for Your Child” Community Center Bulletin January 2000
  • “Respect for the Teacher, Respect for the Pupil” Education Echo February-March 1999
  • “The Unheard Cry for Help: Fathers in Distress” Education and Environment: Seminar haKibbutzim College Yearbook 1998 pp. 203-214.
  • “Being a Good Parent for Them” Education and Environment: Seminar haKibbutzim College Yearbook 1997 p. 115-124
  • “Being a Good Parent for Them” Early Childhood Echo booklet 3 March 1997
  • “Written Communication Between Preschool Teachers and Parents” Parent Involvement Jerusalem: Education Ministry, Early Childhood Dept. 1996
  • “Reading to Your Child: When Parent < > Child Discovery Happens” Early Childhood Echo booklet 4 June 1996
  • “Family as Organization: Modern Managerial Implications for the Family” Education and Environment: Seminar haKibbutzim College Yearbook 1995 pp. 204-218 1995
  • “The Parent Talking As I Teach” Community Center Bulletin June 1994, Jerusalem
  • “Parenting as a Challenge to Personal Development” Facilitator to Facilitator no. 5 March 1993, Jerusalem
  • “Parenting as a Challenge to Personal Development” Education and Environment: Seminar haKibbutzim College Yearbook 1993, pp. 209-222
  • “Family Figures as Managerial Tools” Status: The Journal of Managerial Thinking issue no. 40, Sept. 1994.

On the Web

  • Having fun requires work!
  • Stop defaulting… in relationships!
  • Doing homework
  • Leading together, you and me, without “you” and without “me”
  • Child and adolescent exposure to violent content in television and computer video games – the phenomenon and a proposal for interventional consultation
  • What’s Your Child Doing This Summer? Parental Leadership During Summer Vacation
  • Parental Cooperation
  • What’s Better: Walking Fast, or Walking Slowly?
  • Parents’ Role in Coping with Children’s Abuse of Alcohol
  • A Bird in the Hand…
  • Announcement: You’ve Received a Present…
  • What I Discovered Learning the Vienna Waltz
  • I’m Only Brave When I Have To Be
  • Why We Need to Let Our Batteries “Run Down All the Way”
  • It All Depends on the Rope: The Relationship Between Rappelling and Life
  • Shift it to the Evening: Everything That Didn’t Get Taken Care of This Morning
  • Men Like to Go Up, Women Like to Come Down
  • Listening to the Parent…Inside and Out
  • External Speed for Internal Freedom: The Moral and Lesson in the Exodus from Egypt
  • Parents’ Role in Children’s Exposure to Media Violence
  • A Conflict of Loyalties: Whose Needs to Fill: The Child’s, or the Parent’s?
  • Leadership to Prevent Violence
  • Parents With No Boundaries
  • The Effect of Parenthood on Couplehood
  • To Be Parents and Not Be Guilty
  • To Know in Advance, Or Not?
  • A Shame to Take the Time: The Modern Perception of Time and the Family
  • Does Everything Really Have Its Limit?
  • Parents’ Role in Developing Their Children’s Emotional IQ
  • Parents’ Role in Children’s Coping With Transitions, Change, and Crises
  • Setting Boundaries in Parenting
  • Parents’ Role in Children’s Coping With Social Issues
  • Parents as Humans: Abstract of a Lecture
  • Some Thoughts on Couplehood
  • Staying at the Helm: Parental Leadership
  • Listening as a Parent
  • Divorce After the Kids Are Grown: Its Impact on the Couple and Their Children
  • Does Your Child Have a Driver’s License? Guide Her Safely
  • How to Tell Your Child of the Impending Birth of a Sibling
  • Positive and Negative Spoiling
  • Attention, Parents: Our Kids Aren’t as Helpless as We Think
  • The Child-Free Vacation: How to Enjoy Ourselves Without Damaging Our Kids
  • The Most Important Meeting Ever: Meeting Your In-Laws-To-Be
  • On Parental Empathy and Children’s Empathy
  • Opening the Door: Dealing with Children’s Sexuality
  • The Online Being-a-Parent Guide
  • Being a Parent: Part Two
  • Who Else Should the Manager Manage?
  • Changes in Couplehood Following the Birth of a First Child
  • Parents Looking Ahead to First Grade


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