Lecture: Parents as leaders: Being an influential Parent During Adolescence

By:Haim AmitEducational Psychologist,

Certified Family therapist, Organizational Consultant

Author of the books: Parents as Leaders, Modan, 2006.

and Parents as Humans, Sifriat Poalim, 1997.


This lecture opens by highlighting the unique challenges faced by parents of this generation’s adolescents in their attempts to influence their children, followed by a presentation of two ineffective parental coping patterns: the doormat and the tyrant.

This is followed by a comprehensive approach to parent leadership based on seven skills:

  • Boundary-setting
  • Communicative dialogue
  • Educational partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Flexibility
  • Personal example
  • Strategizing

The focus will be on boundary-setting and communicative dialogue, skills that help parents to influence their children in a beneficial way.

The lecture combines knowledge from the fields of child development, family therapy, and organizational consulting with case studies taken from the lecturer’s personal and professional “file”. Includes a slide show combining video segments for illustration. Please prepare a projector, screen and speaker and laptop hookups.

Duration: Between 60- 90 minutes.

Audience number: unlimited

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