Lecture: The Place of Grandparents in Today’s Children’s Lives

By: Haim Amit

Educational Psychologist, Certified Family therapist, Organizational Consultant

Author of the books: Confident Parenting, Modan, 2012.

Parents as Leaders, Modan, 2006. & Parents as Humans, Sifriat Poalim, 1997

The lecture opens by describing the societal changes affecting the grandparents’ place in the family, resulting in grandparents’ roles no longer being obvious, and now dependent on verifying expectations between grandparents and parents.

The lecture focuses on various possible roles for grandparents in their grandchildren’s lives.

Finally, common mistakes made by grandparents will be presented, together with common mistakes made by parents in their relationships with grandparents.

The lecture combines knowledge from the fields of child development, family therapy, and organizational consulting with case studies taken from the lecturer’s personal and professional “file”. Includes a slide show combining video segments for illustration. Please prepare a projector, screen and speaker and laptop hookups.

Duration: Between 60- 90 minutes.

Audience number: unlimited

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