I was born in 1952, Israel, and the father of three: Or, Noam, and Chen, and grandfather to Libby and Danial. My experience as a father is the foundation of my lectures and articles on parenting and family. My honest efforts at child rearing (and their varying levels of success) appear in detail in my first book, Parents as Human, as well as my second book, Parents as Leaders.

Today I live and work at Ein haHoresh, an income-sharing community near Hadera, Israel, where I share my life with my partner, Gabi. I enjoy hiking and cycling in and around our fields, as well as Latin and ballroom dancing.

I treat parents, couples, children, and families in my private practice at Ein haHoresh. I am also a managerial and organizational consultant both in Israel and abroad.

Education and certification:

  • Master’s degree in clinical psychology of the child at Tel Aviv University in 1983
  • The title Educational Psychology Specialist issued by the Israeli Health Ministry in 1990 (license no. 1837)
  • Certified family therapist, licensed by the Family Therapy Association in 1991
  • Member of the Israeli Association for Organizational Development since 1995
  • Professional history:
  • Private therapist since 1982
  • Organizational consultant since 1991 to companies and organizations in Israel and abroad
  • Headed the Family and Parenting Center at Seminar haKibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, 1993 – 2003
  • Consultant and specialist to a series of parenting programs, zman horìm [Parent Time] broadcast on Educational TV Israel, 2000 – 2002
  • Educational Psychologist of Southern Sharon Regional Council, 1979 – 1991
  • Group facilitator of Commanders for Leadership Development at the IDF Leadership School; Senior Instructor for Commander Groups, 1976 – 1985

Today I am engaged in the following spheres:

  • I treat children, adolescents, parents, families, and adults in my private clinic on the outskirts of Ein haHoresh, near Hadera.
  • I lecture on parenting, couplehood, family, and the school system to audiences made up of parents, teachers, teaching staffs, and treatment teams.
  • I write articles and books on parenting, couplehood, family, the schools, and organizational consulting.
  • I facilitate workshops and in-service training for parents, school staffs, and treatment teams on parenting, couplehood, family, the schools, consulting, and therapy.
  • I do organizational consulting both in Israel and abroad on managerial development; managerial coaching; executive mediation; making the transition from a family-managed business to a company; guiding and supporting processes of change; and handling crises.

Among the Israeli companies with which I have worked are Avnet Israel, Ltd.; Bar Magen, Ltd.; Galam; Interpharm; Mercury Interactive; Peptor, Ltd.; Sarel, Ltd.; and Tadiran Scopus, Ltd.

Among the foreign companies with which I have worked are ARS Serono (Switzerland) and Meteor (Hungary).


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