Working Abroad

Work with parents and families abroad

Today, many families travel abroad for extended periods for work or family support purposes. In these situations, parents face not only the routine challenges of child-rearing, but they also face the challenges of relocation and re-entry. Over the years, I’ve developed a unique work model with parents of families spending extended periods abroad that includes:

· Lectures

· Intensive consultations for parents alone and with the entire family; both while abroad and during visits home

· Consultations, updates, and guidance via e-mail

· At the end of the period abroad, regular telephone consultations

· Work with businesses sending their employees abroad

Work with Organizations Abroad
As an organizational consultant, I advise organizations abroad on matters such as managerial development, management training, senior management coaching, transition of family organizations / companies with family-oriented management to professional management, supervising the processes of change; and response during crisis.

While working abroad as a management consultant, I specialized in the challenges of relocation and re-entry of employees and their families. I have worked with, amongst others, Serono Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) and the Meteor Hungary (marketing of spare auto parts in Eastern Europe).

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